Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crazy and fun

I don't think that words can do justice to the craziness lately and fun with friends, but I will try...

A little beer
We spent a great getaway weekend with good friends Gretchen and Craig in Cedar Rapids.  The weather cooled, and we enjoyed some wonderful outside activities starting with a great Cedar Rapids Kernels game with strange but delightful mascots...ok, and a few beers.

Some merriment...

My first experience being threatened by a mascot (Mr. Shucks) just because of my tiny camera

Tooth fairy cleaning the bases.  My dream job...

And there was a lovely night under the stars at Brucemore Mansion watching the riveting Tennessee Williams play, The Night of the Iguana.
Stage at Brucemore

Some refreshments at the play

Craig has been working this summer to build a park outside the Bottleworks Condos.  This is an area ravaged by the 2008 floods.  It's great to see the rebuilding underway!

Craig at Bottleworks Condos

Labyrinth in Bottleworks Condo park

ART in the strangest places...outside a building vacant since the flood

The eyes see rebuilding continues
Music returns to the flooded area

We returned to Des Moines and 100 degree temps 

And like all great weekends, it was back to work on Monday...
A sight you just don't want to see in your driveway...

At least they have a sense of humor
Digging up the backyard is never good.  A mere $1700 later, and they were on their way!

The rest of the crazy week:

We vacated the house for 5+ hours during a house inspection. Nothing like taking 3 cats  for a very long drive to Kansas City on a 100 degree day wondering what the inspector is finding with his 1600 point checklist.  We got the report late last night, and there are a few things to fix, but overall it was not too bad!  Whew!

The inspector also conducted a 2 day radon test.  Did you know that 7 out of 10 homes in Iowa have radon that exceeds the EPA levels?  And of course, we were one of them.  Next comes a mitigation system.

We had 2 moving companies tour the house and garages so they could give us quotes.  I tell you moving is not cheap!  My recommendation is never sell or leave your current home!

Mike readied the final bathroom vanity for a new vanity top to be installed this week.  He also finished the long awaited sump pump cover.  It turned out great!  Even the housing inspector was impressed...

Covers sump pump and backup battery

I packed up the laundry room storage closet.  I found a few strange things there including a nerf gun.  Mike still hasn't forgiven me for accidentally shooting him in let's say a "sensitive" area.

And yet in all this craziness, there were great times with friends...

Lunch with my good friend Ruth 
Catching up with Gary and Jen over a couple of drinks...

Betsy and I had a glass of wine at a new establishment called the "Wine Dive" whose motto is wine should be fun.  Watching the couple next to us roasting marshmallows over a bowl of Sterno gel to make their meal of s'mores, I think they "get" fun!

We had a great dinner with Emily, Brian and Maggie at Olive Garden. Maggie is at the stage where she grabs everything within her reach and wants all the food the adults eat.  She was fast, but I was faster protecting my Italian margarita!

Certainly not a dull week...


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