Monday, April 15, 2013

Tax Day

Laughed at this great sign we saw today.  The guy seems so forlorn!
Happy Tax Day 2013.  Did you meet today's deadline?  My tax man, Mike, finished ours on Saturday morning.

Beyond taxes, it was a wild week here!

First there was hail.  For some reason we get hail storms here; this is the second one since I moved here last Fall.

Then the flu.  In my humble opinion, seven days of stomach flu is just not right!  I am fine now, but I wouldn't wish this weight loss program on anyone.
Hate the flavor but it works!

And painting the kitchen while sick.  I was definitely obsessed (or is that possessed?).  For the first few days, I was NOT seeing the beauty of this fresh honey dew green color.  Now that I'm better, I love it. Moral is DO NOT PAINT when you are sick.
Cats offering advice

But then I did get a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my tax man... He took good care of me during the week (when he recovered from the flu himself).

Today I finished the painting, and we love the results!  I'll include some pics in my next blog.  I'm so glad this project is finished, the taxes are completed and we are back to good health!

And my prayers go out to the victims and all those impacted by the explosions at the Boston Marathon. It's hard to get my head around another senseless act of violence.  When will it end?

So at the end of this crazy week, I am tired and acutely aware of the fragility of life.  Think I'll hug my sweetie...


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