Friday, November 22, 2013


Beautiful sunset one evening this week

As Thanksgiving approaches we are busy with plans for the big day.  Our normal pace shifts into overdrive as we clean the house, buy the groceries and cook our favorite foods in preparation for the big meal.

And we are starting to think about  Christmas shopping about now.  Black Friday used to be the beginning point of the Christmas shopping frenzy,  but now stores offer pre-Black Friday sales, and larger retailers will be open on Thanksgiving day.

And then there's the Christmas decorating which seems earlier than ever as I notice homes in the neighborhood already decorated with trees and colorful lights.  Crazy busy is the way of life this time of year.  But I don't want to let Thanksgiving escape without reflecting on why I am thankful.

My sister, Angie, holding a Thankful sign we made this Fall

I am thankful for...

My sweetie.  Mike is my best friend, holding my hand as we walk down this sometimes crazy road of life.

Family and friends. They accept me and love me and are my best supporters.  And they enrich my life in innumerable ways.

Health, which I don't take for granted after my own bout with breast cancer.  Three plus years cancer free, I feel strong and healthy.  Ok, I still have the occasional klutzy move like bruising my arm by falling on a hickory nut, but certainly those problems are self-imposed...

Faith.  My strong belief in God is the cornerstone of my life.

Retirement and the chance to explore life outside work.  I am excited about a world of opportunities to meet new people, try new things and help those less fortunate.

Financial security.  We are so fortunate to live in our own home, have food on the table and live a comfortable lifestyle to pursue our hobbies and interests.

The beauty of nature.  Retirement has afforded a wonderful pause of time where I see beauty each day.  Clouds, flowers, leaves and the sunset give me a child like sense of awe and wonder.

A favorite Life is Good shirt 

And yes, I have been accused of being a Pollyanna with my  optimistic views and "Life is Good" t-shirts, but that attitude gets me through times of self-doubt and worry.  And believe me, I am a pro at worrying.  I tell people that I'm so good at worrying that they should give me their problems, and I'll worry for them.  But really, the problems and worries are so small compared to the good   And for that I am thankful.

I hope you find time during the upcoming holiday season to reflect on why you are thankful...


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