Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Where's the pink icing?
 Happy Valentine's Day!

Ah yes, one day closer to Spring.  Today it was 40 degrees, and it felt like summer time with puddles of water on the road instead of snow and ice.  And though the forecast is for more snow tomorrow, I am dreaming of 50 degree days next week.  Maybe it's finally the big thaw...

Go Pacer's!

Last weekend we went to the Indiana Pacers-Portland Trailblazer's game, and it was the first time I ever saw Mike excited about basketball.  Nothing like the Pacer's getting a 3 pointer to tie the game and go into overtime.  From then on the crowd went wild cheering the Pacer's to victory.

Enjoying the game at the Varsity Club with other Rose-Hulman alums

Niece Diane and great-niece Violet

On Sunday we met our great-niece Violet.  She is a cutie and was enjoying a lazy day of sleeping and eating, which I guess is what most infants do.

Alice telling me the facts while Diane looks on

It was fun playing with her sister Alice who was dancing and singing and generally bouncing off the walls.  Nothing like a small child to give you permission to dance and act crazy.  Gotta love it!

I've been enjoying long leisurely days of reading.  If you haven't been to your local library lately, check out their eBooks.  Finding a book online and downloading it onto the Kindle app on my iPad is so easy.  After years of not having time for books, I've read three books since the first of the year...

And then there's my hodge-podge of crafts this winter.  I pulled out an unfinished embroidery project from the mid-90's, and I'm re-learning cross stitch while watching the Winter Olympics.  Given my pace, I'll probably finish these quilt squares when I'm 75.

 I've had an urge to oil paint lately so I pulled out the paints and canvas and went to town.  Now, I've never had a painting class, but I love how you can blend paint colors and even paint over mistakes.  I saw a picture of this stylized tulip in a catalog, and I decided to try it.  Ok, it may look like a 3rd grader painted it,  but the painting makes me happy.

And yes, it took me 4 days to get the blue paint out from under my fingernails...

And I decided to make another clutch purse with some of the designer fabric my friend Melanie gave me.  The handle is scavenged from a Goodwill purse.  The only thing I paid for was the zipper.  Can't beat it!


You know, once I decided not to fight this awful winter, I'm enjoying it more.   It's now my excuse to spend more time on hobbies...

I hope you enjoy a great Valentine's Day with your loved ones!


  1. Diane,
    I love how you use your imagination and things around the house to overcome the confinement of winter. Hopefully you will have higher temps soon. 'Til then, stay busy!

    1. Thanks Suzanne. I am enjoying a wide variety of hobbies this winter. I am already thinking of my next painting...