Thursday, September 11, 2014

Some things you just can't explain

Little cars need parking spaces too!
Today at lunch I looked outside and saw a tiny car parked next to the big cars, and I wondered why...

and I realized there are just some things you can't explain.

And as you might expect, there are a few other things in my life that fall into that category...

Cat in bird store window

Bird in Mike's pocket

Blue Belle studying Chemical Engineering

Blue Belle watching the Olympics on TV (she's so well-rounded)

Finally, a fast ride!

That's just not right!

Mike's rendition of "evil hickory nut" that caused my fall and breaking my arm last Fall.

"I always wear my sunglasses when sneaking up on the bank"


Mike noticed this one...

Sweeties under water

You are my sunshine?

Why mom? Why?

Definitely. Do Not Dive.

So many peeps, so little time

Mike's humor after a fly was burned in my halogen light

NEVER drive 8 mph!

Really no idea...

Always wear sunglasses when spying

Best time for a blizzard?

Why is Fed Ex at the cemetery?

I hope you take time to notice all those little crazy things that make you smile!


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