Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why aren't you blogging?

At the "Frost Bite" in Avon
"Why aren't you blogging?" a friend asked me recently. It may be true that I'm a slacker when it comes to writing, but that's only because life got in the way...

It's been a busy month of family, friends, strawberry festivals, flea markets, art shows, deck parties and doctor appointments,

Mom and Angie by the fire

I spent some time visiting mom earlier this month, and we worked on lots of projects together including painting, cleaning gutters(me and sister Angie on the ladder, not mom!), buying and hanging kitchen curtains and shopping for furniture.  And we also had some great "down" time at Angie and Eric's sitting outside under their pergola.

We enjoyed the Woodruff Place Flea market with its' lovely fountains and old homes.  And there were a few unusual things for sale...
Unicorns in a coffin?

Beautiful planters along the boulevard

Beautiful wind spinner

We attended the Talbott Street Art Fair on a VERY HOT AND HUMID Saturday in June.  Amazing how heat and humidity decrease your desire to buy art...

And there was a 50th birthday party for our friend Chris.  Lots of people and food wouldn't be complete without a band playing in her kitchen.  Great times!

Paul Holdman Band

With Kevin and Kathy at 36 Saloon
We drove to Rockville to have dinner with friends Kevin and Kathy at 36 Saloon on another hot and humid evening.  Yes, there is definitely a weather theme happening here in Central Indiana...and did I mention rain, rain, rain!  It was good to catch up on the outdoor patio with good food and beer.

With John at the Strawberry Festival

We attended the annual Strawberry Festival at Monument Circle in downtown Indy with our friend John.  Strawberry shortcake was the order of the day, and thousands came out to enjoy this annual rite of Spring.

And then there was the annual oncologist check up in Des Moines...This was year 5, and although the visit morphed from a simple mammogram to an ultrasound and then biopsy, we were thrilled to find out that I am "5 years cancer free".  Hallelujah!

Hanging out with Maggie and Brody.  And no, they don't usually sit this still...

And though we didn't get to visit everyone we wanted to see in Des Moines, we did catch up with Emily and Brian for a great dinner and playing with Maggie and Brody.

And we enjoyed a quick breakfast with Ruth at our favorite Panera in Ankeny.

As I think about the events of the past few weeks, I realize that I'm very blessed with health, friends and family.  Though I'm still decompressing from last week's doctor stuff, I am taking time to smell the flowers and find laughs along the way...

Mom and babies

Evening primroses on the deck
My flower bed
Straw bale art?
Take care and enjoy the week!

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