Saturday, March 10, 2012

Who knew?

Who knew how hard it would be to write a blog entry when life returns to normal after vacation?  I mean after beautiful beaches and sunsets, what do you write about?  Anyway here is a random list from the past week.

Who knew...

Hibiscus plants bloom inside during the winter?  Nice surprise when I returned to Des Moines

Indy was warmer than Ensenada, San Diego or Santa Barbara our first day back from vacation? 70 degrees was definitely a pleasant surprise!

March is a great time to take down Christmas lights?  No jackets needed.

Dead pine trees can be removed in a mere hour by trained professionals?  Mike and I knew from the start we should not be climbing pine trees with a chain saw!

Angie's List is such a great way to find good painters?  And painters would be surprised at a color coded task list?  Doesn't everyone provide this when getting painting estimates?

For my banking friends, you may want to skip the next statement which could be disturbing...
Joining a credit union could be a great experience?   Great rates attracted me, and the amazing customer service exceeded my expectations!

Mike would be setting up the saw outside in March?  Don't know much about this, but it looks scary!

You could bike in March in Iowa?  We found a new paved trail near the Carney Marsh in Ankeny.   A bit windy though...

Crocuses can grow in Iowa without snow?

I would create a "punch list" of things  to be done to sell my house?  Hey, I learned a few things during my time working with Facilities! 

Spackling holes in drywall would be mindless fun?   Ok, I know you are thinking I'm losing it,  and I need to get a real job!

I hope you are having a great week and enjoying this amazing weather!

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