Thursday, May 17, 2012

Outdoors in May

Re-purposed chair

I never really noticed or enjoyed early May until I retired!  Now I am outside every waking moment...even writing this post from my front porch.

Last week we were at Mike's house, and I was busy planting flowers-one of my favorite spring activities.  I re-purposed an old patio chair that we found a couple of years ago. I removed the broken seat and found a flower pot that fit perfectly.  A few geraniums, sweet potato vines and voila!
Small rose garden

Some pink petunias also found their way onto the back deck...

If you look closely at the petunias, you will notice a small black tube on the right side. This is the great irrigation system that Mike set up for my flowers.  He tied this into the yard irrigation system, and it works great when we are away for weeks at a time!

Mike and I had a great Mother's Day weekend in Brown County, Indiana with my mom, sister Pam and brother-in-law George.  We stayed in Bean Blossom at a great little cabin where we spent most of our time relaxing on the porch, cooking great meals and playing horseshoes.  We also had a good visit with my sister Judy and brother-in-law Ron who stopped by for several hours on Saturday.  The only problem with the weekend is that it went by way too fast!

Bittersweet Cabin
George and Mom


Mom playing horseshoes...note the horseshoe in upper right corner of picture.
Mom and I enjoyed this wonderful porch swing

Mike and George

Got milk?  Not without pie...

We headed back to my house for the much awaited installation of the kitchen granite counter top and tile back splash.  It has been an interesting journey watching the process from demolition to installation... so far we like what we see!

Putting granite in place

New sink

It's coming together!

Sunny 70-degree days have been calling me this week, and I've answered the call by weeding flower beds and trimming bushes.  Neither of these is my favorite activity, but who can really complain when you can enjoy this beautiful May weather!   Spending hours outside, I marvel at the lush green trees and wonderful ever constant breeze.  Now this is retirement!


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