Sunday, May 5, 2013

Of flowers and floors

So, it was a week of flowers and floors...transformations, in a way.

If you've been reading my blog in recent months, you know I've been a bit whiny about this long, grey, cold winter.  But Spring did not disappoint with its' amazing display of flowers and trees during my first year back in Indiana since college days.  
Dogwood trees next to our driveway
View from the deck

Kitchen window view... and 'dogwood snow flakes' on the hot tub

And I fondly remember many beautiful Iowa Spring days.  Earlier this week my friend Ruth from Des Moines sent me some pictures of her amazing garden in bloom:
Spring flowers in Ruth's garden 

And then on May 1st my friends in Des Moines got 5 inches of snow!  And Ruth sent me another picture of these same flowers covered in snow...I mean that's just not right!  It was almost 80 degrees and sunny here, and I decided to quit constantly complaining about weather!  

Same Spring flowers covered with snow! 

And then came the new kitchen floor.  About a month ago we decided to replace the contractor grade linoleum installed when the house was built.
Linoleum floor

On Friday the new floor was finally installed...

Adhesive kept the cats and us at bay


Our new floor!

We are thrilled to be making improvements WE get to enjoy, especially after spending so much time and money getting my Des Moines house ready to sell.  And this time we didn't have a realtor telling us to paint the walls 'boring beige' and that we needed tile floors in the kitchen.   Hence the man-made tile floors and brightly-painted green walls!  Now we just need friends and family to help us break in the new room!

I hope you are enjoying the beauty of Spring!


  1. It is very beautiful. Is very beautiful. I like this style.

  2. I've been mulling over redoing the tile in our kitchen and entry, but have been procrastinating because of the mess to do so. Plus, redoing the tile would be just the excuse to redo the cabinets . . .

    We redid both our tile and our kitchen about 10 years ago, and I'm feeling a bit guilty about redoing them so soon, but still, I really, really want to. Yours turned out so nice though, I think I'll go ahead and get a bid when we get home just to see. (I know, famous last words!)