Friday, May 17, 2013

The Professor and...

Mary Ann...I know, I know, you now have that Gilligan's Island jingle in your head!

And although this has nothing to do with that TV show,  I wanted to give you a glimpse into life on campus with my own Professor.  I spent a day with Mike at Rose-Hulman this week, and I had a great time getting reacquainted with college life.

We had a great lunch together in the faculty dining room!  It's always interesting to listen to the conversations around me, and I heard lots of snippets about undergrad students, grad students and grades.

US News & World Report #1 in undergrad engineering

And then Mike went on to his teaching, and I had a chance to explore the campus and see what the students were up to.  Generally I think I blended in although I got a few stares in the library, not because I was doing anything crazy, but maybe because students were trying to figure out who I was.   A parent?  Or maybe just an old person...

Chapel on the lake

As I sat in the Union Building, student comments floated by:  "good luck, man", "get motivated", and "I'm sick, man" and "let's get this work done by Friday".  Students were in the bookstore buying last minute Rose-Hulman stuff, and the guy at the cash register was a graduating senior trying to figure out how to follow BP's relocation policy for his upcoming move to Houston.

Enjoying a hot day in the lake

And although the pressure of finals time was palpable, a few students were blowing off steam.
And that kite just wouldn't fly...

The professor

And at the end of a hot Spring day on campus, I was pretty proud of my Professor and his work "shaping young minds".  Of course at the same time that worries me just a bit!

Have a good weekend.

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