Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer fun and excitement!

You can't beat the 4th of July for summer fun and excitement!

We still can't explain where all these fireworks came from, but here is the view looking across the street from our house...Mike took all 3 amazing photos of fireworks!

Kevin and Kathy came over for a day and we enjoyed our favorite Greek restaurant, Santorini's.

My brother Gary, his wife Peggy and mom stopped by for a visit.  We enjoyed great food and company and time on the porch.

Gary and Peggy  

Enjoying time with mom
At the Indians game

Mike and I attended a July 4th baseball game at Victory Field where the Indianapolis Indians beat the Louisville Bats!  It was a very hot and humid day, and maybe not the most exciting game ever.  Okay, okay, we left after the 6th inning...

And we topped off the week with a great trip to Cincinnati for my nephew Richie's high school graduation party.

Alex and Richie

With Gary, Pam, Angie and mom

A little friendly competition between Brian and Eric and...

 Gary and Adam

Today it's back to normal, or maybe I should say our own brand of "normal".   This morning we started out on a simple bike ride around the neighborhood when Mike spotted a couple of men walking out from behind our neighbor's house which seemed a bit strange since our neighbors weren't home.

We then noticed the young men walking up to several houses and ringing door bells.  From our vantage point, it appeared they might be casing the neighborhood to see who was home during the day.  So we called the local gendarme, and several minutes later three police cars pulled up as the men were walking down the driveway at another house down the block.   As we continued our bike riding, the police were having a little chat with these men.

Although we don't really know the outcome, we like to think we stopped a crime!  Nothing like a bit of adrenaline on a Monday morning bike ride...

Take care and be careful out there!

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