Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Finding humor

I am convinced you can find humor wherever you look.  And a quick laugh puts everything in perspective.

And if you've read my blog lately, I guess it's been kind of "heavy" with some health issues we and others are facing.  So it's time to break out of that pattern and have a few laughs together...

Where is the football game?  And hot dogs and beer?

Here's the catsup.  Or is it water?  (Water tower in Collinsville, Illinois)

Fried bologna and Velveeta???

Ok, it's not exactly funny, but it's a STRANGE sign...

A vet with a sense of humor 

Fleas Navidad?
Naughty or nice...

Is it no "E" or no "L"???
And then there's the day to day life that makes everything warm and fuzzy!

Our cat, Gilbert, catching some rays

Cozy area by the fireplace (recently converted to direct vent gas insert)

Winter sunset over frozen lake
 The past couple of weeks we have been enjoying temps in the 30's and 40's, and we are 'lovin it!  Could Spring be right around the corner?  I know, wishful thinking!


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