Thursday, January 8, 2015

Surviving a root canal

 Or Diane's little adventure of trying NOT to get a root canal...

It started simply with chipping a tooth after an Indianapolis Colts football game in October.  Next came two trips to the dentist to get a temporary and then a permanent crown.  And of course this tooth is in the very back of my mouth and required many Novocaine shots each visit.  Lovely.

And a couple of days after the permanent crown I noticed the tooth was still painful.  So as you might expect,  I waited several weeks (with LOTS of ibuprofen) before going back to the dentist.  Of course that was two days before Christmas.  And my worst fears were confirmed.  ROOT CANAL!

On Monday January 6th, I called the Endodontist office about my appointment on Tuesday morning.

Here's how the phone call went...


  1. You haven't lived until you've had an apicoectomy. Look it up if you dare!

    As terrific as my physical health is, I have no such good fortune when it comes to my teeth. From the time I was a child, I've been getting procedures done. Still, I have all my original teeth, and healthy gums according to my dentist, so it could be worse.

    You are very fortunate, in spite of your recent root canal, trust me. :-)

    1. Tamara, I couldn't resist. I looked it up. You know there are just some things about dentistry that I don't want to know. Like you I've had teeth issues since I was young. And it seems like I'm learning more as I age. Hey, I'm happy to be pain free since this root canal. And that is awesome! Diane

    2. Oh my, that was harsh! The more one can avoid the inevitability of a root canal, the better, right? However, though the process is usually accompanied with quite a lot of pain, that pain is instructive and should help your oral health a great deal in the long run. Anyway, I hope it turned out well for you in that kind of way. All the best!

      Sharon Woods @ Falls Park Dentistry

    3. Sharon, Thanks for your comments. Yes the pain was instructive, and I could have avoided much of it had I gotten the root canal sooner. Lesson learned!

  2. I was laughing so hard because I did the same thing! I was on the phone with the dentist receptionist 10 minutes trying to worm my way out of the appointment. After I finally made it to the dentist chair, 15 minutes later I was fine. 7 weeks of worry for what? 15 minutes in the chair and I was better.

  3. Glad this brought you a laugh, and I'm glad to know it is not just me who was afraid of a root canal!