Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day to day living

Happy cookie day
It's been a strange time.  With so much happening these past few months, it's been hard to get back into my own daily life.

So here is a glimpse of the past couple of weeks...

Sweetie with big heart

My sweetie surprised me with a Valentine's Day breakfast of crumpets (to go with my hot tea).  It took several hours to make them, but they were delicious.

Mikie making crumpets

Crumpets, blackberries and cheese

 Last weekend we were in St. Louis with Stan, Kevin, Kathy and Kristopher for a Blues-Blackhawks hockey game. Our friend Mary was supposed to be there with us.  We thought of her often during the game...

Blues vs. Blackhawks

Mike and I with Kathy and her son Kristopher

I visited mom last week, and we enjoyed getting together with family for dinner at our favorite BBQ place.
Enjoying food and laughter

Walking tall, that's me!

And I have been walking my little shoes into the ground.  Nothing like a Fitbit and my friends commandeering my device to set me up for weekly challenges.

Basically at any time during the week(or weekend) I can see how many steps each person in the challenge has taken.

I haven't won yet, but I was ahead for a short time last weekend.  And yes, the competition keeps me walking, and maybe I am a bit competitive...

Love that few minutes of being ahead...

And yes, it's been cold here in the Hoosier state.  Mike and I tried to warm up with some winter hats.  Lovely, don't you think?

For walking at night?  Hunting?  Scaring aliens?
Fashion statement for sure!

And because my eye is often drawn to the strange and unusual,  here is a picture I took at my mom's house.  Not sure there is an explanation...

Reaching for love or lemons?

Hope you are enjoying the week!

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