Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Ireland that made me smile

Who could resist a sheep hat?  
Here are a few things in Ireland that made me (and others) smile:

What?  No heels while hiking?

Not sure I get this one...

Clothing tag. I guess fashion is everywhere!

Calls you in doesn't it?
Guess birds can eat the food, but can't have milk.
We built this city on wok and roll...
Mike's Fish and Chips
Proud to be Irish
Wolves in sheep's clothing?
Pedestrians should watch for cars. Note the crack in windshield.
Breakfast on Aer Lingus.
Breakfast in Dublin
Wall of Fame in Dublin
John with extra large ice cream!
Hill walking strictly prohibited, so I'd better rest...
Always time to eat.
Rebirth of cool!

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