Tuesday, April 26, 2016

If you have to turn 60...get free stuff!

Ok, I haven't been thrilled about turning 60.

When I was in my 50's, I would say I "retired early", and everyone would comment that I looked so young.

So what happens when you say you are 60? Friends try to make you feel better by commiserating that they are in their 50's... Well, that doesn't really work!

So what did I do?  Act like an old person and get all the free stuff possible on my birthday...

Here's a list of my birthday"haul":

A free chocolate brownie dessert at Charbonos Restaurant

A free flan dessert at Delicia restaurant
Enjoying a fantastic birthday dinner at Delicia Restaurant

$10 "cash" at Kohl's (new towels)

$5 "cash" at Sullivan's Hardware(good until 5/31)

A free cookie at McAlister's

$15 bag of free bird seed at Wild Birds Unlimited

$5 off a purchase at Soma (ok, I am not showing a picture of panties)

And best of all...a coupon at Frazee Gardeens for 60 percent off one item (percent equal to your age.  Do you believe that?). And I bought the BIGGEST geranium I could find.  

And yes, I realize that I sound like an OLD PERSON.  

And if you are going to turn 60, you are compelled to party.  So Mike and I had a small party to celebrate our 6oth birthdays.  Great friends, good food, a few cocktails and beautiful weather added up to a perfect party...

Thanks Chris for this wonderful Strawberry Champagne Cheesecake!

Bryan, Chris, Jane and Garth 

John, Atanas, Mike and Elena 

And no, I don't really expect to ride off into the sunset quite yet.  Maybe I should be acting my age, whatever that means.  But really I plan to keep living day to day enjoying the people and beauty all around me! 

Hope you are having a great week!


  1. Happy Birthday! I'd say you are acting your age, by being a living example of how we wish we had lived during the hurry hurry rush rush years!

    1. Nita, I DO wish I enjoyed life more during my working years. I can't go back in time, but I can definitely have fun now!