Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Right, wrong and strange

Right...lunch with friend Elena
In the past couple of weeks, there's been the right, the wrong and the strange...

Wrong...scaring hikers at the start of the trail
Strange...Mikie pushing a boulder
Right...Hiking with friends Mary and Stan at Salt Lick Point Trail on bluffs of the Mississippi
Wrong..."limb pickup every week".  Tree limbs or another kind? fiberglass frog covered with apples. Even the eye is half an apple.

Right...finding a beautiful butterfly on our hike

Wrong...repairing the fire house door.  Glad they respond quickly but...

Right...camping with friends Gretchen & Craig in Knoxville, IL

So Wrong...a snake in my new flower garden...I am still having nightmares!
Strange...Why not 7 or 8 mph?

And so life goes. Right, wrong and strange.

Have a great week.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

GUMBY goes to Goodwill

Ok, it's a known fact that I go to Goodwill. A lot.  If you've read this blog the past couple of years, you've heard me talk about tons of donations as I readied my house for sale and as Mike and I fit two households together.  And Goodwill has also been a great and inexpensive source of raw materials for making purses and bottles that serve as my canvas for painting.

So last week I was cleaning out a closet and I came across GUMBY.  Ah yes, GUMBY...I still sigh when I think about it.

During my last job before retirement my boss and I didn't exactly see eye to eye.  Let's just say I had a bit of an attitude during my final months since I knew I planned to retire soon.  And when I didn't agree with him, I let him know.  

And as those things go my boss spoke at my retirement party.  And he presented me with GUMBY.  Why?  It was his practice to give this award to people who demonstrated great flexibility.  He said he was giving it to me because I was flexible and performed whatever work he assigned me.   Seemed a bit strange given my attitude and lip in my final days.   Oh yes,  and this was accompanied by a kiss on the cheek.   SERIOUSLY???   You can only imagine my horror.

Now I don't really have anything against GUMBY.  He's a cute little chap and fun little toy.  But you know it's almost been 2 years now, and I just need to let it go.  Gumby AND my feelings about my boss and last job.  It's over, and it's time to move into my new future.  Took me awhile to get here, but it feels pretty darn good!  Opportunities.  Bring them on!

And I hope some little kid happily leaves Goodwill with Gumby in tow!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The days melt together

Me in Challenger window, Indiana corn in background...
and I lose track of whether this is Wednesday or Thursday.  And what is the date?  And how did this happen to a person who project planned for a living anyway?

We have had a couple of unscheduled weeks, and I'm finding that the day and date don't matter much.   Mike has been busy designing and building a bike storage rack for our garage, and I've been building our nest.  And all the while wondering if I should be "nesting" or out in the world volunteering or working or doing something of more meaning.  I'm a bit restless lately, wondering what the next steps should be.  As I've mentioned before, I believe I'll know the right opportunity when it knocks.  But as our friend John said, maybe that's true, but wouldn't it be more likely you will find the opportunity if you are out in the world looking for it.  Food for thought, for sure...

So here's a pictorial view of the past week's activities...

We have limited space in our garage and way too much stuff.  So we need a place to store our bikes so they're available when we want to ride.  And Mike is good at building things, so he put together a prototype "C" structure, modified it with pulleys when I couldn't lift the bike without hurting my back, and now the construction is underway.  And finally I "get" the importance of prototypes in the software development world.  Wish I would have known this during my program management days...
Mike with C frame

Pulleys on the prototype

And then there's my decorating streak.  Of course I still have the need to accomplish something each day, and so goes my attempts to dress up our home...

Amazingly clean laundry room!  And yes, that's an Eli Lilly lab coat in the back!

I cleaned out the laundry room, removing a huge amount of Mike's clothes which were on hangers and laying on this shelf.   And no, the paint isn't new.  Mike and I painted this room several years ago.  It's "rubber glove yellow".

Family room with new curtains.

And I wanted to soften the family room with curtains.  So after dragging Mike to Penney's, Lowe's, Target and a few other places, and him admitting he "didn't really care" about curtains, we finally found the perfect rod and grommet curtains.

The room looks totally different now, and Mike is getting over his fear that the curtains are encroaching on the room...

And I added some of my pottery to the hearth.  Hey, a couple more things out of storage!

My new pouf.  Mike hates that word!

I finally found a "pouf" or "cube" for the porch.  At last a place to perch tired feet while drinking a iced tea (or wine!).

First the balloon, now the CD's...

And we  hung old "CD's" to protect our ripening raspberries from the birds.  They move about in the slightest breeze and hopefully will scare the birds.

We spent an afternoon at the Eiteljorg Museum to view the Guitars Exhibit.  It was an amazing pictorial history of guitars.  We would cue up each exhibit on an iPod and listen to music from that instrument (think Stephen Stills and Jimmy Hendrix).  Amazing!

Mike playing a chord.

And I LOVE the flowers in our yard...

Notice the honey bee in foreground...First time we've seen honey bees in several years!

Don't you just love this texture?

Fig growing at center of leaves

Blue petunias! Really?  Hey, on sale after 4th of July!

And I finally got back to some crafting...pulled out the sewing machine, fought thread tension problems and broken needles to sew a couple of new purses...

"Pink is my favorite color..." 

And so goes it.  Days that fade together, choosing how to spend each day, and wondering if there should be something more I'm doing with my life.  Restless, yes.  Enjoying the days?  For sure.

Hope you are having a great week!