Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Woodstock Party and Irish Fest, OH MY

Motto of the day.  And of course a few peace cookies....
It was another crazy weekend.  We hosted a 45th anniversary of Woodstock Party for a few friends.  As you might expect, there is a history related to the Woodstock Party....

In 1989, Mike and friends hosted a 20th anniversary of Woodstock party which they called "Cornstock" since they held it next to a cornfield on a large farm outside of Indy.

Fortunately Cornstock was video taped, and watching this old VCR tape of Mike and friends looking a lot younger, enjoying live music and maybe a wee bit of alcohol always generates lots of laughs!

Women of Woodstock

On Saturday we hosted the 45th anniversary of Woodstock party for some of the original gang from Cornstock.

It was a beautiful, sunny, 65-degree day, and we spent the afternoon in the backyard listening to some very large Crate Speakers and Mike's "Woodstock" play list".

Hope the neighbors also enjoyed the music!

Men of Woodstock

We all dressed in our "hippie" best, and enjoyed good food, a few beers and a wonderful bonfire.

And of course we broke out the Cornstock video for some good laughs.

Crazy people of Woodstock

Relaxing by the fire where we burned the old wood from the porch.  Love it!


By now you know that Mike and I never sit still.

So on Sunday, we decided to catch the last day of the Irish Fest at Military Park in downtown Indy.

We enjoyed a beautiful Fall day with a few Smithwick's beers, fish and chips and great Irish music by bands Tallymore and The Elders.

The Elders

Relaxing at the Irish Fest

And the people watching was lively with men in kilts and everyone wearing green.

 I'll remember this day for a very long time.  Relaxing with my sweetie on a beautiful day with live music.  It doesn't get any better than this.

And Sunday night we just crashed. Plain and simple.  Maybe we're just getting too old for such a busy weekend?  Nah, I doubt it.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Some things you just can't explain

Little cars need parking spaces too!
Today at lunch I looked outside and saw a tiny car parked next to the big cars, and I wondered why...

and I realized there are just some things you can't explain.

And as you might expect, there are a few other things in my life that fall into that category...

Cat in bird store window

Bird in Mike's pocket

Blue Belle studying Chemical Engineering

Blue Belle watching the Olympics on TV (she's so well-rounded)

Finally, a fast ride!

That's just not right!

Mike's rendition of "evil hickory nut" that caused my fall and breaking my arm last Fall.

"I always wear my sunglasses when sneaking up on the bank"


Mike noticed this one...

Sweeties under water

You are my sunshine?

Why mom? Why?

Definitely. Do Not Dive.

So many peeps, so little time

Mike's humor after a fly was burned in my halogen light

NEVER drive 8 mph!

Really no idea...

Always wear sunglasses when spying

Best time for a blizzard?

Why is Fed Ex at the cemetery?

I hope you take time to notice all those little crazy things that make you smile!


Friday, September 5, 2014

What I did on my summer vacation

Flowers at Kansas City market
...in the last month anyway...

Suffice it to say that this summer was a whirlwind of activity.  Kind of like when you were a kid and summer vacations flew by and all of a sudden you were getting ready to go back to school.  I know, I know, you are wondering why summer vacation matters if you are retired.  Good point, but since Mike starts teaching again next week, we both feel like kids counting down our final free days.

So here's a quick glimpse what we've been up to since late July:

Taking shelter during Fogerty concert

We went to a John Fogerty Concert at White River Park on a stormy night in late July.  We had to evacuate the park because of pending storms, and we rode out the storm under the roof of the maintenance shed.  

Crazy people in a POD

And a few people took shelter in PODS.  What can I say?

John Fogerty and band rocking it

John Fogerty came on the stage about an hour later than planned, but was it worth it.  He played his heart out with one Creedence song after another.

And then the rains came again, and no one left this outdoor venue.  We were soaking wet watching this amazing concert, singing every song and dancing in the rain.  And I knew God had a sense of humor when John Fogerty began singing "Have you ever seen the rain?" in this torrential downpour.

Mary and Stan

Next up came a trip to Kansas City with our friends Mary and Stan.  Stan was attending a Veterinary Convention, and it was a great opportunity to get together for the weekend.

Can you find Mikie in the bubble?

We packed a lot into a couple of days including bars and restaurants in the Power and Light District, visiting the Aquarium and shopping at the City Market. We had amazing meals with breakfast at Sasha's and ribs at Jack Stack's at Country Club Plaza.

Do you believe it?  105 degrees!

And Sunday night was the big Vet Conference extravaganza that included food, drinks and a great band.  The next morning we said our goodbyes to K.C. and 105 degree temps.

At the class reunion

And this past weekend we went to Mike's 40th high school class reunion.  I met lots of people , and we enjoyed an action packed weekend of activities.  First was the reunion dinner which was a little boring, but several of us then headed to the American Legion bar, and that's when things got a bit more lively.

Reunion class at the American Legion


Gary and Peggy at Labor Day Festival

On Sunday we toured the high school, and I LOVED the big smiles on the classmates' faces as they went into classrooms and the gym and relived so many memories.

Later that day we headed to St. Mary's Catholic Church Labor Day festival.  Good food, cheap beer and a wonderful 80''s band called "The Brat Pack" made for a fun day.  And my brother and his wife happened to be in town for the weekend so they joined the festivities.

And then there's the major project of the summer.  THE PORCH!  Seems like every spare moment is spent working on it or talking about next steps.  But we're making progress, and it looks great!

And it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't include some flowers from summer gardening...

Newly planted hydrangea and white rose

So this summer has been crazy busy, and yes, maybe I'm ready for some down time.

But I'm sure things will slow down this Fall when Mike starts teaching and the porch is finished!  Until then, I keep moving with the tide of activities and falling asleep exhausted each evening.

And I thought life was busy before I retired...