Sunday, August 5, 2012

Getting ready for the move

Illinois barn

We took a break from my house to concentrate on getting Mike's house ready for my stuff.  We moved furniture, packed bins, moved items into storage and visited friends.  We are both exhausted, but we are so excited about this move.  I find myself smiling a lot these days...when I'm not yawning!

Despite another busy weekend, I found time to pull out the camera...

Waiting for crops

Side by side...1973 and 2009 Challengers
Working on those biceps 

Gilbert and Wendy,  oblivious

Resting in the new guest room

Evening sky

Moon and stars
Faces frozen in time

Mellow yellow

Olympic rings?

Pink and green

Garth and Mike
We enjoyed a wonderful evening with friends Garth and Chris.  Amazing food, great conversation and a cool evening on the deck.  It doesn't get any better!


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