Monday, August 27, 2012

Pushing the Reset Button

Vacation is pushing the reset button.  

Here are a few things that surprised and delighted me and got my head out of Iowa:

An 81 year old  grandma successfully driving a white Jeep Liberty off road at the Big Horn Mountains Jeep Jamboree.   My new goal for age 81...

The great performance of our 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon off road at the Jeep Jamboree.  This was the first time we took it off road, and it handled rock and water obstacles with ease.

Our guide's tricked out Jeep.  Because he can...
Rocky road

I won Bushwacker fender flares at the final dinner of the Jeep Jamboree.  It was so exciting to win!  Then I turned to Mike and asked "what are fender flares"?

Jeeps on trail 186 at the Big Horn Mountains Jeep Jamboree

Moose love Aspen trees
A moose stopped by for breakfast on our friends' aspen trees

Elk love to sit in tall grass and watch the tourists
Two elk at Yellowstone

Grazing land belongs to the sheep and not the Jeeps

Sheep crossed in front of our jeep on Woodchuck trail

Birds like to hang out in dead trees
Bald Eagle at Yellowstone

Birds at Quake Lake

There are 300 geysers at Yellowstone
Geyser field
Old Faithful

Friends doing crazy stunts at Yellowstone...
Mikie 'smoking Old Faithful'

My friend (who shall remain nameless because she will kill me when she sees this photo)  at Old Faithful

Land around geysers is other-worldly

Six 50+ people successfully hiked 7 miles  in Beehive Basin(a tenuous link to my 'retirement' blog) 

Path ahead

Wildflowers abound

Hanging with my sweetie and great friends on vacation-LIFE IS GOOD!


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