Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Des Moines-the same and different

It was a very strange feeling.  I was home again, but I had no house.  I was comfortable driving around the city, but I was staying at a hotel.  Since September there were new buildings and sculptures and every one's life had moved on...Sad? No.  Nostalgic? yes.

Starting our travels with Gretchen and Craig in Cedar Rapids, we had a great meal and wonderful visit.  Somehow it seemed important to touch base before they travel to Mexico for the winter.

With Joleen and Roby
Mike and I met up with friends at our old watering hole, Wellman's Pub in West Des Moines.  It was wonderful to see Kristi, Betsy, Joleen and Roby.  As work colleagues, we each had a special connection and friendship which remains unchanged despite my retirement and move to a new city.

Sculpture at DM Botanical Center
Ruth on Principal River Bridge

The next day my friend Ruth and I started our afternoon with a great lunch at the DM Botanical Center. 

It was a beautiful, unseasonably warm November day.  Somehow ice skating and mid-60's weather worked...

And then the beautiful river and bridges...

Bridge, bridge,  bridge

And I couldn't believe a new sculpture garden arose in the 2 short months I was gone.  DM is developing an amazing reputation for public sculpture that goes beyond the downtown Pappajohn Sculpture Garden.

Later that evening we caught up with friends Emily, Brian and Maggie for some home made pizza, wine and ice cream pie.  And of course too many stories to fit into a single evening...

Emily, Maggie and Brian

Maggie's bedtime

It was a very strange feeling.  I was home again, but I had no house.   Being in the DM again was nostalgic but not sad as I realized that the friendships were so much important than my house or job.  All of these friendships grounded me.  They continue to be my "home" in a city dear to my heart.  And that makes me smile...


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