Sunday, September 29, 2013

Signs, signs, everywhere signs...

I never really thought much about themes in my life until I started this blog.  Sometimes there are definite subjects or themes to write about, and then other times I have to grasp for blog titles. I'll let  you be the judge on this one...

I had a great trip to Southern Indiana to visit family this week.  Mom and I kept busy building these "thankful" signs which are designed to hold photos. We covered the basics of sanding, cutting, drilling, nailing, painting and staining in this little project. I learned that mom knows how to handle a mean pad sander.  And we had some great laughs along the way.

 You can find the step by step instructions at blog.


We enjoyed a Rose-Hulman homecoming weekend starting with an invigorating 5K race/walk.  We actually had numbers and chips in our shoes. Cool.  Ok, I admit that we didn't check our times.  Some things you just don't need to know...

Happy we finished the 5K Walk

We went to the football game, and my favorite part was the half-time show.  Student-built robots throwing Frisbees onto the field.  Make no mistake.  This is an engineering school.

Enjoying the football game

Frisbee throwing robot
I loved hearing all the stories at the reunion dinner.  The guys (it was an all male school when Mike attended) laughed a lot about their crazy school day antics.  And the wives compared notes on what it's like to marry an engineer.  Apparently extreme detailed planning and having lots of stuff from which to build other stuff are traits not just unique to Mike.   Note to self...future book topic?

And we also toured Rose-Hulman Ventures, an engineering consulting firm that provides businesses with engineering services staffed with student interns.  We learned about some fascinating projects from building medical devices to pallet repair.  I was so pumped about the innovative work underway that for the first time since I retired, I wanted to be a project manager again AT THIS COMPANY.  And for a very brief moment, I wished I could be an engineer.  Of course that didn't last long!

One of our goals this year is to empty out a storage  unit.  So I've been doing my part by finding walls for the art work.  And Mike has been a real trooper to hang the art, only complaining a couple of times when I changed my mind...
Ladder and black cat on the stairs.  Bad sign?
Hanging James Von Ochs' prints in my study
Beach sign in the bathroom of course.
Ducks ala Andy Warhol?

And then you sometimes find a sign that brings a smile to your face and you have to turn the car around to get a picture...

And so goes another week in retirement where a "normal routine" eludes me.  And really, I'm ok with that.

Enjoy your week!  Diane

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