Sunday, January 5, 2014

Make no mistake...THIS is winter!

Morning sky

I awoke yesterday to a beautiful winter sky, and I remembered my dad saying "red sky at morning is a sailor's warning".  Though beautiful it seemed to foreshadow the storm ahead.

And just when I thought I left the harsh  winters behind in Iowa... this year may be proving otherwise.  I keep telling Mike that he never warned me Indiana winters could be so tough.  False advertising?  Hmm...

We have a major snow storm underway with at least 10 inches of new snow falling today,  on top of the 6 inches we got on Thursday.

But the real news may be the bone-chilling cold.  Tonight the temps are predicted to drop to -17 degrees F. with wind chills of -40 to -50 degrees. And the high temp tomorrow is -12 degrees.  Seriously!  Let's hope we don't lose electricity...
So we are hunkered down for several days making the best of a storm that is sure to break records.  And as you might expect, I am trying to find the upside in this craziness...

At least we used green plastic wrap...

The Christmas Tree has been stored away for the season.

Doesn't everyone wrap their tree in plastic wrap, tie it into a large barrel and hoist it into the attic?

Lentil stew is simmering in the Crock Pot....

Mike digging for the paper
We found the newspaper in all the snow...

Can't beat a large horse shoe in front of the house (no, this is not our house)

The Colts won against the Chiefs in a nail-biter game last night.  Go Colts!

And there really is some beauty in this heavy, heavy snow.  Sorry for these bleak pictures, but that's the kind of light we had today...

Road? What road?

Winter wonderland

Back yard

Our house

Bird feeders heavy with snow

Where have all the flowers gone?

And I have to admit that I've been a slug all day.  Mike has cleaned the driveway twice with the snow blower, and I've been napping and reading and generally trying to recover from this ugly sinus infection.  At least that's my excuse anyway...

Stay safe!  Diane

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  1. Wow, all joking aside, that is some serious cold weather. I trust you have backup options in case you need them? I know my dad, in north Texas, was out chopping wood and restocking the wood shed today just in case.

    I now feel downright guilty for complaining about cold temps in the high 40's here in Palm Springs tonight.