Monday, January 6, 2014

What a beautiful day to be retired

18 inches of snow on the deck
"What a beautiful day to be retired" was the first text I received this morning from my brother Gary.  And I totally agree!

We received 12 inches of snow yesterday, and I awoke this morning to a -13 degree temperature and -41 windchill.

We are under a travel advisory which recommends NO TRAVEL.  And I'm fine with that...

Our Jeep is ready to go

And though most schools and businesses are closed, I'm still relieved that I don't need to worry about whether I should be at work or working remotely.  I remember all the times in the past I made a super-human effort to get to work in blizzards, and I'm happy those days are behind me.  Yes, it's a beautiful day to be retired!

We are fortunate to be cozy in our warm home with lots of food in the 'fridge.  And Mike and I recognize how lucky we are to be together now and not 500 miles apart.

Plastic frosty smiles at the real stuff...

We are definitely staying inside today, possibly with the exception of my crazy husband who wants to say he has experienced this low of a temperature.  What can I say? (Oh yes, he did take several of these pictures...)

And what kind of cruel hoax is this anyway?

Take care and be safe!


  1. What a beautiful day to be inside - looking out at that view. How beautiful.

    1. We were fortunate that we had a warm house and could look outside at the beautiful snow-covered trees. Some folks in our city lost power, and it's hard to imagine how cold it got for them. At least there were shelters available.

  2. Total agree with you. As my wife says at least once a day, "beats working!"

    One of the aspects of early retirement I appreciate is no more commuting. What used to take 45 minutes each way, had grown to an hour and a half over the last 15 years. With today's weather, it would have been at least 2 and a half hours to get to work.

    It was so nice to sit with a steaming cup of coffee and watch the traffic cameras on the morning news shows. The only commute I am interested in now is the drive next month to a vacation rental in Florida!

  3. Good point about the commuting in bad weather. I often forget about commuting unless I accidentally get caught in rush hour traffic because I didn't plan well enough.

    And Florida sounds lovely especially when it appears to be a long winter! Enjoy!

  4. My favourite part of winter is being inside, looking out the window - lol! Honestly, this is my first winter as a retiree and I don't miss scraping the windshield or driving on square tires one bit.

  5. I hope you are enjoying your first winter as a retiree. And I absolutely agree about watching the winter from the warmth of your house-can't be beat!

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