Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DIY: Rebuilding a screen porch, part 2

 It's done!  And we couldn't be happier that our screen porch is finished, and it looks great!  We are proud of our little porch, and as Mike says, it's one of the most satisfying home projects he has worked on.

Not sure I'm quite ready to make that statement. Let's just say I'm SO HAPPY it's over.

You can see DIY: Rebuilding a screen porch, part 1 here: http://anewchapter-diane.blogspot.com/2014/08/diy-rebuilding-screen-porch.html

As I promised, here is part 2 of rebuilding a screen porch:

1.  Mike built inside corner pieces for the cats.  Hey, they want to look outside too!

Blue Belle enjoying it!

Cat perch

2. We painted all the exposed wood with a product called Woodlife Classic.  It is a clear coat that helps protect the wood from rain, snow, etc.

3.  We (meaning Mike) put a 10 degree angle on all the horizontal wood between the posts.  Watching the rain roll off this wood the past few days have been a good confirmation of this step.
If you look closely, you can see the angle in the middle of the wood

4.  We replaced all screens with black aluminum screen.  Mike ordered it online because we needed a huge roll (50 feet by 72 inches).  Working with this screen was challenging.  We measured every opening twice, and my job was to hold the screen while Mike stapled it into place.

Grass and cardboard made a good cutting surface

Cutting screen with heavy duty scissors

5.  Next step was the outside trim that went over the screens.  Mike carefully cut these pieces and screwed them in place.  He borrowed a mitre saw for the outside corners of the porch.  These corners turned out great!

Outside trim

Trim over the door

Mitered corner
6. Mike put a thin layer of caulking on the outside trim.  It's just one more way to repel water...

7.  The final step was building end caps for the wood around the door.  This was a finishing step to cover the place where several pieces of wood were joined.

End cap is backwards L-shaped piece

Is this beautiful, or what?

And as you might imagine, I'm already scheming on the next project.  But could we really build a new deck before the snow flies???


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