Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hula hoop, anyone?

Still got the moves!

And why not I say?  Who cares that I can't do it well...

At least I tried it (along with the other kids last weekend at the Rocky Ripple Art Fair).

Hey, you've got to stay young.  Maybe even at the expense of sore hips the next day...

We are enjoying this beautiful time of year.  Brilliant blue skies, puffy cotton-candy clouds, orange trees and HUGE pumpkins.  Gotta love Fall!

Backyard tree 

Our park bench collecting leaves

Those clouds are something!

We had fun camping with our friends Gretchen and Craig in their RV at Bellevue State Park next to the Mississippi River in Iowa.  We enjoyed some great meals thanks to Craig's cooking, and we spent evenings by the fire roasting marshmallows and drinking wine.  And then there was a wee bit of Irish whiskey and watching several episodes of the Big Bang Theory during a horrendous rainstorm...

Where's the food?
I forget how beautiful Iowa is.  I know all the jokes about cornfields, but Iowa's rolling hills and magnificent vistas are amazing!  For the first time since I moved to Indiana two years ago, I felt homesick for Iowa.  It really caught me off guard.  I guess Iowa just kind of gets in your blood...

Iowa countryside

The mighty Mississippi

Bellevue, Iowa and the Mississippi River

Mike and I are HUGE FANS of The American Pickers television show that airs on the History Channel.  The show features two guys, Frank and Mike, who travel around the country in their van buying antiques for their Antique Archeology stores in Le Claire, Iowa and Nashville, Tennessee.

And we just so happened to drive by Le Claire on our way to the camping weekend.  We were in heaven wandering through the store,  looking at antiques that had been featured on the show.

Mike in the American Pickers store

The Antique Archeology car

And you are surely expecting a few Fall flowers in my blog!

Newly planted hydrangea in my backyard

Amazing multi-color mum

Zinnias in Galena
And of course you also expect a few of my favorite signs...
Dust control?
Never really occurred to me...

And remember to pick up that hula hoop and shake it whenever you have the chance!


  1. That would be fun! I don't think I've hula hooped since I was 10 years old. And do the kids jump rope anymore? Remember Double Dutch? Have fun this weekend!

    1. Thanks Nita. And what about hopscotch and roller skating? Maybe we should be trying all of these things again!

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