Thursday, December 22, 2011

Relax during the holidays?

As we scramble to finish the last of our shopping, wrap gifts and prepare for holiday meals, I have been challenging myself to relax during the holidays.  Much to my surprise I have been making time to kick back.

We decided to put house stuff on hold for the last couple of weeks of the year. YAY!  It's a relief to set the planning and worrying aside and instead focus on the holidays.  So far this week, we've had breakfast with our friend John, a great holiday party at Pat's house, Mike's holiday lunch with former co-workers at Equipment Development Group, dinner with friends Kevin and Kathy,  and the final BNO (Boys Night Out) of the year.  This was the first year the women were invited to this "prestigious" event at a small dive tavern, and there were enough stories and laughter to fill another blog entry.  Ok, possibly some of these stories shouldn't be repeated, especially the details of Pat's account of the holiday adventure with the family's septic system that would rival any Chevy Chase vacation movie.

From a schedule perspective this may not sound relaxing, but then again our "agenda" is pretty simple:

Christmas meeting agenda:
1. Have fun
2. Eat and drink

But even with this "tough" schedule with a repeat agenda, I made some time for me.  I have been reading The Passage by Justin Cronin, a great apocalyptic book that has been scaring the hell out of me as 2012 approaches.   I am walking outside in 50 degree weather in December WITHOUT SNOW!  And my creative side has been flourishing with bead work and painting.  It's been a delightful break after a couple of very busy months of work on our houses.

I have been getting a lot of great sleep which may be related to relaxation, but truth be told it's more likely related to my body fighting off a lingering ear infection.  I've lost hearing in one ear for about 2 weeks now; ok maybe that's not true as my constant companion is a high pitch buzzing noise.  Besides sleep, the other upside  is that now I have an excuse when I tell Mike ""I didn't hear you say that".

So I encourage you to give yourself a present for the holidays.  Take some time to relax with a good book, a movie or  some quiet time outdoors.  It's a great time to recharge before the new year!


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