Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let there be (21st century) light

Last week was all about planning and sequencing tasks.  For those of you familiar with projects, you know planning is a critical step, but people get impatient that nothing is getting done.  So once again as my life imitated my work as a project manager, we spent a frustrating week interviewing contractors for granite counter tops and tile floors with nothing to show for it.  So by the end of the week we decided (ok, it was my idea)  to complete something that we could touch and feel.  My brilliant idea...LIGHTING!

Smoked glass wall sconces

I am embarrassed I didn't change these light fixtures before now.  My excuse is that I was too busy, but the truth is I never really paid much attention to them.  But now that I am getting ready to sell my house, I notice everything.  What was I thinking with these crazy retro fixtures anyway?  Of course, I'll let you be the judge with these "before" pictures.  I think Mike may be placating me when he says that someone who finds these fixtures at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore will be thrilled to find such cool, retro light fixtures!
Dining room light or as Mike says "the mother ship"

Even the boxes look impressive!

So on Friday afternoon we set out for a trek to buy new lights.  After checking multiple stores, by mid-day Sunday we selected and installed 5 new sconces and 1 dining room light.  Sounds easy if I leave out the part about numerous trips to the 3 area Lowe's stores because of inventory shortages or quality issues.  But it ended well with some great looking lights that we could touch and feel, and a project task that was actually completed...

New dining room light
New sconce

With 3 days under our belts this week, it finally feels like we are making traction with plans.  We decided on and scheduled the painter, and we selected the main paint color with the help of our friend Emily.  We awarded the bid for the granite installation and made decisions on the granite and tiles for the back splash.  Mike is photo-shopping the tiles into a photo of the kitchen as we speak (he really can't help himself...).  Also some driveway concrete work begins tomorrow.   Hey, it's a lot of work, but this house is gonna rock when we are finished!

I've had a great time hooking up with a few friends this week including Emily and Maggie, Joleen, Tracy and Betsy.  Nothing like great friends to help you put this crazy house stuff into perspective...


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