Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photographing friends

Kevin & Kathy
Recently our friends Kevin and Kathy asked to photograph their family. Kathy's dad just turned 91, and  they wanted some pictures of everyone on the family farm.   Mike has taken some wedding pictures in the past, but I am pretty new to this type of photography.  Generally I take pictures of architecture which never moves or blinks during the photo session.  But you've gotta love digital photography. We figured that if we took enough photos, we were bound to get 1 or 2 good ones!

Here are a few pictures we took that stormy, blustery day in late April.  I felt like we were capturing a piece of history photographing 4 generations of this family.  And then of course we had to include the John Deere tractors, lawn tractor and the barn!   We had a blast working with Kevin and Christopher in arranging these scenes!

4 generations

Christopher and Kevin

Christopher and Crystal's family

Kevin and Mike, GQ pose

The outtake

Update on this whole house

At the end of last week, it felt like we had finally turned the corner with my house.  In a short 4 day period, we got a lot accomplished.  Let's see...Mike finished the hot tub room trim, finished the dining room trim and finished preparing the kitchen in advance of the granite work.  I shopped for flooring, had the house measured for carpet and tile  and finally placed the order carpet for the downstairs and tile for the kitchen, entry way and fireplace.

We selected a realtor, and she asked if she could show the house to 2 prospective buyers last week.  Mind you we don't have the house listed yet, have not determined the selling price, and the house is still a construction zone.  After racing like crazy people to finish some work and clean the construction zone(sawdust covered the entire downstairs family room), the house was presentable.  Ok, so we didn't get any offers, but it was a good experience (except for the cleaning of course).  The feedback about the house and property was very positive.

So the next few weeks are scheduled with contractor work.  The kitchen counter tops and tile back splash will be installed next week. Then the painters return to finish the interior painting. Next will be the carpet and tile floor installation.  Wow!  It seems like it took forever to get to this point, and it's all happening within a month period of time.

Finally, we are in the "home" stretch...


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