Saturday, February 14, 2015


Angel 1-cherub
No, not the Victoria's Secret kind.  Or the Charlie's Angels kind.  No just the old fashioned statues kind that you find at Goodwill.  Lots of them...

Yesterday we were on the North side of Indy, and Mike wanted to visit yet another Goodwill store.  Yes, this happens often with us.

Sometimes I stay in the car and play Scrabble or work a crossword puzzle, but yesterday I decided to accompany him, and did I strike it big!

No, I didn't buy anything, but with my handy iPhone, I took pictures of all the angels I could find.  

There were so many, and each was different.

Angel 2-with flowing hair
Angel 3-pretty in pink

Angel 4-with horn
Angel 5-with bird
Angel 6-pensive look
Angel 7-with little girl
Angels 8 & 9-the band
Angel 10-anonymous
Angels 11 & 12-hanging out by the tree
Angel 13-collectible
Angel 14-adorned in gold
Angel 15-flaking gold
Angel 16-elegant
Angel 17-with stars
Angels 18, 19 & 20-forever together

The obvious explanation is people donating unused Christmas decorations.  But in the back of my mind I wonder why...

So many angels...


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