Monday, March 23, 2015

Our version of March Madness

Of course March Madness is basketball.

How could I not watch basketball with 5 Indiana teams (IU, Notre Dame, Butler, Purdue and Valparaiso) and 3 Iowa teams (University of Iowa, Iowa State and UNI) in the tournament?

And yes, I was crazy enough to wear my favorite Iowa sweatshirt while watching the IU game at a local pub...

But man does not live by basketball alone.  So we create our own March Madness...

Mike and several of our friends have March birthdays, and when I asked Mike if he wanted a party, without hesitation he said "hell, yes"!

So we cooked up 3 pots of soup and  chilled beer, wine and margaritas.  Let the party begin!
Kevin, Kathy, Chuck and Melanie 

Jane, Stacy and Brian

Brian and Jane

Melanie, Bryan, Pat, Chuck and John

A second cake for recent retirees.  Quitters.

Words aren't necessary, are they?

Mike and I enjoyed an afternoon at the Flower and Patio show.  We were trying to get ideas for building a new deck and patio, but we found some craziness along the way...

One water feature
And another

This can't be good!
Eye candy
And the neighborhood kids have their own version of March madness...

Have a great week!

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