Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Illinois Weekend

We spent last weekend in Illinois visiting our friend Stan.  We offered to help him with chores around the house and yard, and he had a "few" things lined up.

Stan is afraid of heights so he asked me to help clean gutters.  He raised an extension ladder, and I VERY CAREFULLY climbed to the gutters at the top of the second story of this 100-year old house.  And if that wasn't tough enough, I had to use a screw driver to remove screws from and raise the gutter guard.  VERY SCARY!

Stan and I planted herbs and did general yard work while Mike fixed stuff.  All of our friends and family know that Mike can fix stuff, and so there are usually chores lined up for him.  During our weekend visit, he worked on Stan's pickup truck and minivan and repaired a toilet.

We all made a trip to Champaign to visit with niece Meghan who is a junior at University of Illinois.  We enjoyed learning more about her student life where she majors in music and is a member of the Illini Marching Band.  She plans to spend two months in Costa Rica this summer in a Spanish immersion program and will teach music in grade school or middle school upon graduation.

Ferret shampoo. No Tears Formula.

While we were in Champaign, Stan wanted to visit a pet store he has frequented since attending vet school at University of Illinois.  While he spent time visiting the owner, I saw a few interesting products on the shelves...

Who knew there was a ferret beauty market?
Patio furniture?

And a bed?
Bird snuggle sacks?

Turtle eye drops

We had a great weekend with Stan.  We completed lots of chores, but we also had great conversation and laughs along the way.  We talked a lot about our dear friend Mary and shared memories of her throughout the weekend.   We really miss her, and it's so hard to get used to her not being here with us.

And here are a few of the many flower pictures I took last week:

I am very excited that an article I wrote was published on the Retirement and Good Living web site.  It's titled "Retiree Speak", and you can find it here:

And on a final note, I would never recommend following the future...

Take care and have a great week!

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