Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"There ain't no bears in there"

"There ain't no bears in there", or so we thought...
Maybe you've heard this lyric in The Who song, "Cache, Cache".

I never thought much about it until our recent trip to Wyoming and Montana.

Now this tune runs through my head whenever I view our trip photos... .

Imagine our surprise to see a black bear about 100 feet away!

Cute face!  But believe me, I was ready to run to the car!

Although we were thrilled to see a bear, we were very aware of the danger.  Mike carried a can of bear spray when we hiked in the Grand Tetons.  And while we were on vacation there was news coverage about an experienced hiker being killed by a bear in Yellowstone.  In retrospect, we should not have been close enough to take these pictures...

We were fortunate to see other animals during our trip. Some familiar, and some not...

Cows grazing in Wyoming

Big Horn Sheep along the road in Big Sky, Montana

Hummingbird feeding

After a 5 mile hike in Grand Tetons, we saw a huge elk grazing in the parking lot!

From the familiar to the exotic animals, we felt like kids as we stared in wide-eyed wonder at the bear, elk and Big Horn sheep.  And maybe that's what vacation is all about, seeing the world through kid's eyes...


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