Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

Park bench in back yard

We love this time of year!  Fall colors are busting out everywhere.  And we host our annual Halloween party!

Yes, it was a bit challenging to prepare for the party on the heels of our trip to Ireland, and in the midst of everything else going on in life:  Mike teaching, my volunteer work at Ronald McDonald House and our weekly metalworking class at the Art Center.

But we always manage to pull it off.  And it's definitely worth it to spend time with great friends!

Here's a glimpse of our Fall:
Front yard beauty

Visiting with sister Angie at mom's house

And like a crazy person I had to sew new pillows...

and decorate the mantle...

and hang guitars in the music room (thank you Mike!)

And then the big party weekend!  

Because we were so busy, we decided to re-use costumes we made several years ago.  Who can go wrong with Crown Royal and Jose Cuervo costumes?

Gretchen and Craig as the crazy cat lady and ATF agent

Garth and Chris sporting 70's costumes

Brian and Stacy as Holy Ghost and Holy something?

Stan as "Where's Waldo?"

Elena and Atanas as the Queen and Minion
Steve and Sarah in their Eagle Creek sailing duds
Kathy and Kevin as mermaid and Blackhawks fan. And of course "Where's Waldo?"
Chuck and Melanie as Minions

And the weekend festivities continued with friends joining us for the annual Slippery Noodle Halloween costume contest.  You can't beat great blues music and crazy people in costumes.

And I have to say that the Crown Royal Costume was a hit.  It's not often that complete strangers want to take a picture with me!

So here's a toast to another great Halloween with our crazy friends!

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