Thursday, December 31, 2015

Look back at 2015

Possibly I've been watching too much television. As the news programs review the events of 2015, I  have been thinking about my own year.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, you might want to grab a cup of coffee and prepare to read this novel...

Nephew Adam in cross country meet
Mel in Montana

Brian and Jane in our music room
Nephews Dane and Adam

Elena and Atanas as queen and minion at our Halloween bash

Chuck and Melanie at their place

Chuck and Mike at the Garage in Bozeman, Mt.

Me and Mike at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park

Me and Mike at our Halloween party 
Nephew Dane and brother Gary

Standing at Mike's old childhood swimming hole  (Mouth of the Jordan)

I should have bought this hat in Ireland

Celebrating Stan's birthday with Mike, Stan, Kevin and Kathy

My brother-in-law Eric's birthday party

Family gathering at Angie's house in March

Heavy raining  in December floods the Nativity scene

Indy 500 with Mike, Gretchen and Craig

Friend John directing the church bell choir on Christmas Eve

Enjoying the Strawberry Festival in downtown Indy with Mike and John

Enjoying garage tour at the track with Kathy, Kevin and Mike

March birthday party with Melanie, Bryan, Pat, Chuck and John
Melanie, Cathy and me at a Big Sky brewery

Mike and me at the Grand Prix of Indianapolis

Enjoying a Hawaiian themed Christmas party with friends

Everything is lush in Ireland

With Mike and John in Ireland

Mikie making me crumpets for Valentine's Day
We miss our dear friend Mary who passed away this year

Mom and me at the Log Inn over Thanksgiving weekend

Mom and Angie enjoying a cool evening outside

Stacy and Pat at the Redemption Brewery 

Ruth, Mike and Don at White River Gardens

Kevin, Stan and Mike at Kevin and Kathy's place

With Stan, Mike and John at the county fair

Winter sunset
Wyoming view

I say goodbye to 2015!

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