Monday, July 16, 2012

Best Moving Value

What is the best moving value?   Doing it yourself!

Lots of hours have gone into boxes...after the initial packing

staging them in my garage

moving them into a trailer

hitching trailer to the Nitro

driving through storms

storing them in Indy with the help of niece Alex

and unpacking a fraction of them in Mike's garage.

It has been a very busy week of packing, building and moving more stuff to Indy.  Couple that with a couple of house showings, jet ski's at Saylorville Lake, and visiting with my sister Pam and niece Alex and you get the idea that we aren't getting much sleep these days...

Mike has been very busy on the building front this past week.  Two of the final three "major" tasks are underway.

"Super hero" working on master bath vanity

Mike designed a bench to cover the sump pump

We spent a lot of time working on cleaning up garages.  The front garage is now more organized than ever (ok, I admit that I enjoyed organizing the garage!)...

Bins of drill bits, paints,  tape, etc.

We had a couple of house showings, and one of them appears promising.  Wish us luck!

Emily, Maggie and Brian
We experienced jet skis for the first time at Saylorville Lake with friends Brian, Emily and Maggie.

We had a blast racing across the water, wind in our hair and water in our face.  And we stayed on the jet ski the whole time (I would never admit to threatening Mike if he dumped me).  We even had our first rescue at sea-a boater flagged us down because his engine quit-we quickly skirted across the water and found another boat to help him.

We had a great visit with my sister Pam and niece Alex who drove over to Indy from Cincinnati.  This was my first opportunity to experience family being close by, and it was great. They stopped by to pick up some things we had for Alex's first apartment at Ohio State, and they helped us unpack the boxes.

Pam on a beautiful July day
Mike and I finished our moving day with a small celebration at one of our favorite restaurants, Rick's Boatyard Cafe on Eagle Creek Reservoir!

Today we had a great lunch with Mike's godmother...

 Mike and Ann with the Indy 500 track in the background

All in all it was an exhausting "work week", but we still found time for fun with family and friends!

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