Saturday, August 18, 2012

A change of scenery

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery so we headed out west to visit friends Mel and Cathy in Big Sky, Montana.

We took a late afternoon tour of the Badlands which seemed like a different planet.
Afternoon drive through the Badlands

Badlands spires

Enjoying some camera time
Mike fixing broken hood latch

Driving through Montana

Little Bighorn was an amazing experience.  History books just don't prepare you for seeing the battlefield and the tombstones.  A dark cloudy day set the right tone for remembering battles of land and cultures.
Ominous clouds over the  battlefield
Fallen soldiers
Remembering fallen Indians

Off road trip on Buck Creek Ridge Trail near Big Sky
Montana countryside

Bears are taken seriously in this area.  Our first night here Mel told us how to protect ourselves while hiking, enough so that Mike and I each had bear nightmares our first night...

And we still enjoyed the great outdoors...

Hiking at Ousel Falls

Mike, Diane, Mel, Melanie, Cathy, Chuck at The Corral

Nothing like beautiful scenery and great friends to change your perspective!


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