Friday, August 10, 2012

Seeing light at the end of the tunnel

Kevin and Kathy

It's been another interesting week starting with a stop at Kevin and Kathy's on our way back to Iowa.  Our plans for an afternoon in the pool were shortened by their well water issues...

Flushing the well 

The problems started with water pressure problems and then intermittent water shut downs.  On the weekend Kevin and Kathy had the "well guy" pull up the old pump which was clogged with iron residue. On Sunday he replaced the pump.  After that came the orange water...and I do mean orange!   This was also caused by iron settling at the bottom of the well.

The next step was to have the entire well flushed with about 9,000 gallons of water to remove the iron.  Very interesting process which seems to have worked..

Touching up the ceiling
 When we returned home Mike began fixing items on the inspection list starting with the garage appeared there had been a leak, and the buyers wanted to insure the boards above the ceiling were in good repair and that the ceiling was "healthy".

Mike cut a small hole in the ceiling, put a camera on the end of flexible conduit and took diagnostic pictures inside the ceiling.  We were relieved to find that things looked good inside the hole with solid boards and no dark spots.   After making a photo/video record for the buyers he started repairing the ceiling.

Ceiling in progress

Sounds easy, but that crazy popcorn texture caused a few foul words and a communication breakdown around whether this could be completed before the buyer's bank appraiser showed up. When we are stressed, our communication deteriorates. We need to get out of this house!

The appraisal seemed to go well, and we "passed" the termite inspection!  A couple more milestones under our belt.

The next inspection task was cleaning and caulking all openings in the siding.  Mike has been cutting pieces of concrete siding(and wearing out saw blades), inserting backing rod and caulking.  Even though this is his least favorite job-it turned out great!


New dryer vent and caulking around A.C. pipe

My jobs this week were mostly paperwork except for grass seed in the backyard which was damaged last week by the septic company's large front-end loader...

Spreading seed

Jeep is NOT guilty of these tracks!

 I spent many hours putting together information for the buyers on warranties, instructions and receipts for all the improvements we made.  Mike said as an engineer, he would "LOVE" to get information like this when he moved into a house.

The past couple of days I've been working on turning off utilities and changing my address.  Again, not too difficult but extremely time consuming!

And it was finally time to gather up all the features signs that were scattered throughout the house during all the showings!

House features signs

Well, time to head out to some fun! I am finally going to upgrade from my flip phone to a "smart phone"!  Nothing like staying current with the technology, huh?

Have a great weekend!

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