Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Back yard view
Sunshine today!   Blue skies, white clouds and shadows on the lawn.  Could Spring be in the air...

It's been a long winter here!  I know, I'm a broken record of complaining.  But it's the common theme these days. Everyone I talk to is SO TIRED of cloudy days!

So, despite the forecast of snow again tonight, I am loving this single day of sunshine!  I even had this crazy thought today of planting pansies on the deck...

Mike started teaching again at his Alma mater.  He is an adjunct professor and is coordinating two chemical engineering lab sessions.  He LOVES this work, and he is excited about the energetic group of Juniors he is working with this quarter.

Music category, what else?

While Mike teaches, it seems like a good time to tackle items on my latest "to do" list...

So last week I focused on organizing Mike's clothes, namely so I could fit clean laundry into the closet.  At his request, I organized the t-shirts into categories:  music, places, exercise and other.  What can I say???

One of Mike's goals in retirement was to wear a t-shirt every day!  Judging from the sheer number of t-shirts, I think he could wear each shirt once and get through many months before repeating.

Headed for the basement

Next up is the kitchen!  Moving my dishes and pots and pans into the kitchen and out of storage is long overdue.  Getting this accomplished will go a long way towards getting rid of a storage unit.

  • First step is moving seldom-used items into the basement.
  • Second step is unpacking boxes.  
  • Third step-many more donations to Goodwill. We still have TOO MUCH STUFF!

About half the kitchen boxes that need to be unpacked

Chef Mikie taking a break from the grill to visit with Melanie & Stacy

We also celebrated Mike's birthday over the weekend with a small dinner party.  We had a great time laughing, telling stories, listening to music and of course eating and drinking wine!

Chuck, John and Brian waiting patiently for the food
Blue Belle on the bed

And sometimes our cats invite us to slow down and relax...which sounds like a great idea after a very busy week!

Hey, I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to comment on this blog in the comment area below.

Take care and have a great week!

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