Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Mike was surprised with a few adult beverages...
There are some days that allow us all to be kids again...  Easter is on of those days!

Mike and I get each other Easter baskets each year.  I know, what can I say?

One of the best stories of the day came from our friend's 3 year old grand daughter Taylor.  Because she is a bit afraid of the Easter Bunny,  she left him a note asking him to leave the Easter baskets outside on the porch.  And that's where she found her basket this morning!

I decided to make a bunny cake to celebrate the big day.  Using a cake tin I found this week while unpacking my kitchen stuff, I set out on this new challenge.

Despite the cake batter overflowing and spilling in the oven (and oh yes, briefly catching on fire), and a couple of pieces breaking off the bunny,  I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Don't worry I don't think I'll pursue a second career as a baker!

Blue Belle enjoying a sunny spot 
And as much as I wanted to plant some flowers on a 50 degree day, something told me to hold off. Perhaps it was the forecast of 30 degree nights coming this week, but I walked away from the beautiful pansies at Lowe's.  Instead I cleaned out pots and got ready for some warmer planting days ahead.

We tried a couple of new recipes for our Easter meal.  We grilled a ham with honey-brown sugar-orange juice glaze, and it was amazing!  Add some Au gratin potatoes with Parmesan cheese and grilled asparagus, and we had a feast!`

And now it's time to get off my feet and rest, and I think that bunny cake is calling my name!

Have a great week!

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