Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Eclectic is the best way to describe this last week, sometimes just the way of life...

I promised some pictures of my newly painted kitchen which is now lovely green color.  And thanks to Mike we have artwork on the walls!

View out the kitchen window
Cooking in progress

Introducing Dr. Jane Goodall
Mike and I heard Dr. Jane Goodall speak at DePauw University(my Alma mater)  about her life's work with chimpanzees and environmental activism.  Clearly her speech was directed to the students, but we walked away feeling energized and excited about our own role in preserving the environment.

Party underway, in the kitchen of course!

We decided to celebrate my birthday with a small party at our house.  Great friends, stories and lots of laughter filled the evening. That and some wonderful Judge's Barbecue and a Triple Chocolate Ganache cake from Taylor's Bakery.  Ok, and MAYBE a few alcoholic beverages...

Chuck, Mike and Mel
Trying on my Life is Good shirt

Elena, Atanas and John

And then we got rain and rain and more rain...Our area got 4-5 inches last week alone.  As I drove to Southern Indiana yesterday, I saw at least 100 miles of flooded fields.  It was an incredible amount of water.

Water lapping the road
A new roadside lake

But I did find some sunshine and fluffy clouds during the week...

And mom and I attended my nephew Adam's baseball game.  He did a great job pitching several innings at the St. Philip's baseball field where I grew up watching my brother and cousins play ball!  Took me back a few decades...

Adam thinking of stealing 2nd base
Adam pitching
And tonight I got to see my nephew Dane play left field and score a run.  I am so proud of both of these guys!
Dane on 3rd

Dane after the game

Anyway, it's been a good week of friends and family!  And as far as another birthday goes, I got a great card from my sister Angie that quoted George Burns:  

"Young. Old. Just words. Life is what you make it."

Take care and have a great week!

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