Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring is in the air

We have all the characteristic signs of Spring here in Indiana...

Spring cleaning, or in my case "Spring unpacking and organizing".

Wire shelves for stacking pans and dishes.  We bought these at Lowe's and later found them much cheaper at Big Lots.

Yeah, I have my dishes back from the black hole of the storage unit!
Having my stuff(although greatly reduced by donations to Goodwill) just makes me happy.  For some strange reason I am finally feeling grounded in this city and our new house.

And look at these amazing finds from storage boxes.  Who could possibly live without the bunny mold or fish spoon rest I made on an Alaskan cruise!
With only 1 small linen closet, I unpacked 6 boxes and donated 4 boxes to Goodwill.

A new "do".  I've never understood why we couldn't get a body change as easily as a new haircut!

A plastic horse being transported to a new home. Ok, maybe this is just strange and not a sign of Spring at all...  And yes, the driver probably thought we were stalking him as we dodged in and out of traffic for this pic.

2 flats of pansies.  Sounds good until you try planting 6 dozen of those tiny flowers.  What was I thinking?

And for those of you rolling your eyes, yes, I am back on my flower kick again!

11 bags of mulch.  My back and shoulders only hurt a little after lifting those bags.

And I DEFY weeds to come through this 4 inches of mulch!

My great niece's 1st birthday party
Happy Birthday Alice!

Alice may have had her own cake, but we got these monkey cupcakes!

And one expected sign of Spring...threats of rain, hail, thunderstorms and tornadoes tomorrow.

Today it's in the mid-70's and trees are budding out everywhere.  I planned to paint the kitchen today, but I've been under the weather with stomach flu.  After sleeping all day, this blog is the most ambitious thing I've done. And I'm thinking it's time for another nap now!

Be healthy and happy Spring!

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