Friday, July 12, 2013

Beauty of nature

Beautiful petunias

By now you should know me well enough to expect lots of pictures of summer flowers.  And with recent cooler temps and low humidity, I've been living outside.  And my camera is never far away...

All of these flowers are part of our yard except for the yellow lily.  Ok, I snuck into my neighbor's yard for that picture.

Geraniums on the deck

Rose bush from my mom's garden

Neighbor's lily

Pink petunias on the deck

Gorgeous pansy

Bird of Paradise

And I am experimenting this year with container gardening.  So far the tomatoes, bell peppers and squash are looking good. Can't wait for some fine eating ahead....

Cherry tomatoes on the deck

Bell peppers on the deck

Squash garden, aka "Jumanji" squash

And our feline friends are enjoying the great outdoors via the screen  porch.  They definitely have the right idea!
Wendy enjoying the porch
I hope you are enjoying the beautiful outdoors this summer!  Have a great weekend!


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