Saturday, July 27, 2013

Busy summer

We've been so busy lately it's been difficult to find time to write.  So here's a quick catch up...

First, some things that just can't be explained...

Just another afternoon on the Monon Trail
We were sitting at the Monon Food Company having lunch on a very hot summer day, and along comes a wagon train along the trail.  No signs of protest or signs showing what they were doing, so we never did figure this one out.

This just with dark glasses in front of bank
And as we drove into Evansville this week, we saw a VERY LARGE RUBBER DUCKIE sitting outside a bank.  Who knows?

And as you have come to expect, here are the latest plant and flower photos...

My beautiful hibiscus plant finally bloomed!

Summer squash
And we have garden produce!  After all the travails of planting squash (building a garden because containers would be too small, setting up irrigation for the garden and building a fence to keep out rabbits), we finally picked our first squash.  It was wonderful, sliced and baked with a dusting of oregano, basil and garlic powder.

And it continues to be a great summer visiting friends and family.

With Ruth on Monon Trail

My friend Ruth drove over from Des Moines to visit for a few days.  We enjoyed biking at Eagle Creek Park, along the canal from the Art Museum to the Monon Trail and around  the neighborhood.  We also enjoyed some wonderful meals including long evenings sitting on the porch with some wine and lots of stories!  It was great to have some quality time together to catch up on life.

And we made a quick trip Southern Indiana to visit family.  One of the highlights was a sightseeing tour with mom which felt like days when I was a kid and our family went for a drive on Sunday afternoons.  We saw the new Mt. Vernon waterfront, Hovey Lake and the locks and dam.  And of course we got to update Mike on a few stories along the way...

And while we were enjoying a great family meal at my mom's house, we got to see a great storm move in...
Wheat field before the storm

Killer clouds

Strange evening sky

We also spent some great pool time with our friends Kevin and Kathy during a quick weekend trip to Illinois.  

And then there was an amazing Ian Anderson Concert at the Murat in downtown Indy.  He played music from Thick as a Brick I and II albums (the second album was just released in 2012).  This is our third Ian Anderson/Jethro Tull concert over the years, and he is simply an amazing flautist and song writer!

So now we're back home again with some garage work underway...namely creating room for cars and bikes by organizing and moving stuff.  And as you can see there is a lot of work ahead!

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!


  1. hi Diane - finally got a chance to read through your blog. I really enjoyed feeling like I was "catching up" with you. Looks like you are enjoying life (and retirement) and I am glad to see this. Best wishes to you! Take care,


    1. Ginger, it's great to hear from you again! Thanks for taking some time to view my ramblings about life in retirement. The writing and photography are things I really enjoy, and it's been fun to chronicle my life now. Take care, Diane