Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween party!

If you know anything about my husband through this blog, you understand he is a crazy, fun-loving guy.  And he loves to build and fix and tinker.  We have an entire basement and garage and attic full of stuff from which he can build things.

And he LOVES HALLOWEEN and building costumes.  So after 3 years of talking about this creating this particular costume, he finally did it.  It was one of his most complex and amazing costumes!   Drum roll please...

Iron Man!

The costume is primarily made of PVC pipe, Kydex plastic, drawer liner and cardboard.  And oh yes, there's a motorcycle helmet and battery powered light involved as well.  To say that this was a time-consuming project is an understatement.  Mike was up many nights until 1:30 a.m. over this past month finishing the costume.  And he loved every minute of it!

The helmet underway

Costume structure

Black Widow with Iron Man.  Amazing how petite you can look next to a super hero...

And though there was a lot of work getting things ready for the party, it was a blast!  We love having our friends over for food, laughter and conversation.  Here are a few scenes from the evening...

The before pictures....
Folks LOVE the margarita ball...

Parties always happen in the kitchen

Chuck and Melanie as duck dynasty and the swan princess. It's a long story...

Brian and Stacy

Elena and Atanas


Melanie, Cathy and Brian

And the laughter and stories continued until about 2 in the morning.   After a very long day, I turned in with a smile on my face...

Enjoy Halloween, and remember it's NOT just for kids!


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