Saturday, December 28, 2013

Music and Memories

Reflection and the sunset...

It's been a whirlwind Christmas week with friends and family.  And the music and memories linger on...

Starting with Mike's work party last Saturday with other chemical engineering professors and their families, when Mike sat down and began playing Christmas music on the keyboard, it was as if he was the Pied Piper.  The kids gathered around and began singing along.

On Monday evening we had a lovely dinner with friend Atanas and Elena that ended up in their music room with Mike playing piano.  It is  amazing what live music does to a small dinner party!  Smiles everywhere, singing along, playing drums and generally acting crazy!

Mike and mom

Since he was now in the swing of providing entertainment, he took his Yamaha keyboard to mom's.  We enjoyed our own private concert when Mike set up in the living room.

Christmas dinner

A wonderful Christmas dinner at mom's was followed by opening gifts and playing a board game that had us laughing like crazy.

Dane and Adam opening white elephant gifts

Mom and Adam

Rhys, Jeff, Dane, Adam and Angie

The great potato chip experiment
And I got quite the kick out of watching mom and Mike try to make potato chips with a fancy new kitchen gadget.  Let's just say that after experimenting with several potatoes, I still prefer potato chips that come out of a bag in the grocery store.

Alice, Andrew, Diane and Ron
We were excited to see my sister Judy and Ron, Diane, Andrew and Alice when they stopped by earlier this week.  

Judy picking fabric

Chuck and Mike

And we have a tradition of spending Christmas Eve with our friend Chuck and his family.  It's a wonderful time catching up with  our second family.

Hope you are enjoying the music and memories!


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