Saturday, December 7, 2013

Winter wonderland

Handmade tree from Pam and George

As we decorated for the Christmas season this week, nature added it's own decorations. We received our first major snowfall this week with six inches of f white powdery snow blanketing the area.

 I thought you might enjoy a view of this beautiful winter wonderland...

Front yard

Friday was a day robbed of color.  The world was black, white and shades of gray...

Back yard unspoiled

First snow for our "saved" park bench

Pansies' last gasp

Backyard texture

Sentries guarding the tree. We found this scene as we drove through the countryside. 

Our house during the snow storm

I hope you are finding time during this busy season to enjoy the beauty of the lights (and yes, the snow).


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  1. Lovely photos. I always enjoy seeing 'black and white' snow photos, since we don't experience that here in S. California. Enjoy your cozy home in the interim!