Tuesday, January 21, 2014


ing.  All things winter... 

It's January.  Time drags on. Snow keeps coming.  Sub-zero temps abound.  And then there's that lingering cold I've had since December.  And that stupid elbow fracture I've been recovering from since November.  As you can see, it's already been a very long winter, and I might be a bit whiny...

I generally try to be upbeat, but it's been a challenge so far this winter.  Here's my best attempt to find the upside...

I've just graduated to my 3rd antibiotic in 30 days.  As the pharmacist says, it's the "big guns" antibiotic.  I'm trying to be optimistic that this will kick this sinus thing once and for all.

My fractured elbow is improving.  I've graduated in my physical therapy from mobility exercises to light weights to strengthen the elbow.  And despite the fact that I think the medical profession may lack a sense of humor, I got the physical therapist to laugh today.  So imagine this:  a wooden cutting board with a wide strip of Velcro glued to it, and a you roll a Velcro covered lint brush back and forth across the cutting board.  Despite how strange that sounds, it really hurts my elbow.  A simple comment of  "who knew Velcro could be painful" and she about fell off her chair...

And despite a fresh snowfall every few days, it really is a beautiful winter.  And when the sun shines we get to see the bluest sky...

And though our winter world is usually black and white (and blue), I can still find a few flowers and beautiful plants in my house.

Yesterday I cleaned the exercise room, and I know it's been a long time when I had to dust  cobwebs off the treadmill.  Generally when I'm sick don't exercise, but enough of that attitude.  I'm going to try and force my body to get healthy!  And I've been walking on the treadmill for two days in a row.  New trend?  I hope so.

Snow roll.  Photo by M. Heart.

We spent a fun day with our friends Kevin and Kathy at their home in Illinois.  And I got to see my first "snow roll" ever.  Basically it's a weather phenomenon where the winds rolls up the snow into a wintery cinnamon roll. Very cool!

And Sunday was a day of football at Brian and Stacy's house.  You would think that Peyton Manning still played for the Colts as loud as everyone yelled when the Broncos beat the Patriots.  And yes everyone wore their Peyton Manning #18 Colts jerseys...

And I'm excited about an invitation to write guest blog post on a new retirement web site called Retirement and Good Living.  If you are interested, you can check it here:  http://retirementandgoodliving.com/a-new-chapter-retirement/

So goes winter here in Indiana.  I'm trying to like the snow, but I'm dreaming of a warm beach somewhere...

Hope you are staying warm, wherever you are.



  1. It sounds like a little case of cabin fever over there . . . perhaps time to think about a warm weather get away? (I can't recall if Mike is retired yet or not, so perhaps just for you if he's still working.)

    And congratulations on your guest writing gig. I'm not surprised at all - you are a very entertaining blogger. :-)

  2. Thanks Tamara. Yes, I do have cabin fever, possibly a BIG CASE! And I loved the guest writing. It was a blast.

  3. I have never seen a snow roll. What an amazing picture. Stay warm and get healthy. Sending you sunshine from Florida. Suzanne

  4. Suzanne, Thanks for the Florida sunshine. I have lived in the Midwest my whole life, and this was my fist snow roll. Very cool...