Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let the craziness continue

Well, the week started off with an offer on the house, and then it just got crazier after that.

Our realtor called about 9pm on Sunday night saying she had an offer on our house and asking if she could stop by.  We spent about an hour with her discussing a "low ball offer" from a couple who had been at the house twice in the past week. Although we were pleased to get an offer, we didn't agree with their low offer which included us paying them a sizeable amount at closing so they could update bathrooms including knocking out walls, adding a shower and other crazy stuff like that.  They also wanted to buy a new air conditioner and furnace even though they are working fine and come with a seller's warranty.

But we played the game and came up with our counter offer on Monday morning.  That began a series of back and forth offers for most of Monday. By the end of the day, the deal was off because the prospective buyers could not get the ridiculous price they wanted.  We felt like we wasted an entire day, but we both got comfortable with our bottom line in selling the house.  I'm sure this will help us down the road with more serious offers.

Laundry room is finished!

Next came a realtor's open house mid-week.  In preparation,we raced around like crazy people. We cleaned decks and windows, painted siding, finished the laundry room  and then of course did our normal house cleaning!  We had about 20 realtors traipse through the house, and the feedback was very positive.  Hopefully all of this work will result in additional showings.

Mirror in mirror in mirror...

Tonight we put up a funky new mirror in the master bathroom.   Of course we still need new lights and a vanity, but tomorrow is another day...

And despite all this house stuff, we find time for fun stuff...

Proud PBR momen

One of our neighborhood hangouts, Old Chicago, started another mini-beer tour. Eight American beers in 3 weeks gets you a free t-shirt.  One of the highlights so far was seeing Mike drink a PBR for the first time ever.  Somehow I think my dad is smiling over this...

I have been reading the book "Wild" this past week. It's a great tale of a woman who hiked the Pacific Coast Trail by herself.  Very graphic (describes losing toenails to ill-fitting hiking boots) and very inspirational as she rediscovers herself walking mile upon mile.  It was Oprah's book choice this month.

It might have been the influence of this book, but this morning I had a crazy idea of riding our bikes before it got too hot!  We decided to ride from my house into Ankeny and onto the High Trestle Trail.  We rode about 22 miles in 97 degree heat and a horrible headwind, but we made it!

I also found some time recently to pull out the beads and paint and make this small vase for my mom out of a perfume bottle from an antique store...

Beaded vase

And of course, here are the latest pics of flowers in my gardens...
Textured coneflower

Field of coneflowers

Pink lace
Hazy yellow

Hope you enjoy the holiday weekend!  Stay cool!


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