Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Moving right along

Contractor city...in our driveway

Kitchen table, guitars and desk drawers residing in the living room as painters and tilers complete their work.

Things are moving right along with the house.  It's been contractor city here with painters, tile floor guys and today the carpet installers.  People have been here Monday-Friday from 7-5 almost every day for 2 weeks.  Kind of like a normal work week now that I think about it.  And then Mike continues to do everything else...

Mike installed new kitchen light fixture
Mike installing aluminum tape on mirror

We needed to remove an old mirror from the master bath.  Mike and I learned something new here involving aluminum tape and heat gun and shims.  We were able to remove the mirror in one piece and prevent many years of bad luck!

Mike installed new vanity in guest bath

New tile floor in kitchen

New tile hearth

Freshly painted front doors

Mike prep work for carpet

New carpet

So, it's the end of another day here in Iowa.  We were thinking tomorrow would be a banner day...the painter finishes and carpet is stretched and finished.  Then I walked into the house to take some pictures for this blog and I realize they forgot to carpet the steps into my living room!  Does this ever get easier???


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